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Prepare for success in your PMS English essay exams with our detailed ‘PMS English Essay Solved Past Papers’. This essential resource offers extensive outlines and essays with more than 3,000 words each, focusing on all the topics of year 2022, 2021, and 2020. The content, taken from authoritative research papers, provides arguments, narration and descriptions and each essay comes with thorough citations of the research papers. Developed by subject experts and checked by candidates who have previously passed, this guide is an indispensable tool for anyone aiming to improve their performance in PMS English essays.

PMS English Essay Paper 2022

1. Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.

2. Democracy without justice is tyranny.

3. Inflation – a result of poor economic policies or a part of global economic woes.

4. The cost of inaction is greater than the cost of action.

5. Can the Single National Curriculum pave the way for the desired ideological integration in Pakistan society?

6. Innovations are never-ending headways.

PMS English Essay Paper 2021

1. Price hike in Pakistan: the worst of all worries.

2. The future of artificial intelligence.

3. Industrial reforms – a key to sustainable growth.

4. Freedom of expression – a double-edged sword.

5. The impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war on the world economy.

6. Global warming: causes, effects, and solution.

PMS English Essay Paper 2020

1. Analyze the status of Kashmir in the Backdrop of the abrogation of its special status by India and options for Pakistan.

2. Our education system is perpetuating socioeconomic inequality in society. Analyze and give recommendations for improvement.

3. The Recent stand-off between China and US and its impact on Pakistan.

4. Analyze the impact of COVID-19 on Pakistan and recommend steps to mitigate its effects.

5. Right-Wing Nationalist resurgence in Europe, US and Asia is creating ripples in the Democratic world. Analyze the Implications for the world at large and Pakistan in particular.

6. Human Resources Development Is key to the Progress and Prosperity of any Country. Analyze and recommend measures to Improve Human Resource Development in Pakistan.


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